Redskins vs Buccaneers

Redskins vs Buccaneers : The Redskins aim to finish their NFC South series on a high note on Sunday. Media outlets are predicting the Buccaneers will come out firing against the Redskins Sunday at Raymond James Stadium. The Bucs are 2-1 at home this season and are looking to add another one to the win column.

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Leading the NFC East, the 5-3 Redskins are coming off a loss to the Atlanta Falcons before heading back down south. Washington listed 13 players on their Thursday injury report and have been struggling to put up points on the board as a result.

Redskins vs Buccaneers Livestream

DE Jason Pierre-Paul will surely try to take advantage of Washington’s injury-plagued offensive line to add to his eight sacks on the season for the 3-5 Bucs. See below for the full list of expert picks.

Last weekend, against the Atlanta Falcons, the Washington Redskins folded at home, giving up an uncharacteristic amount of yards to Matt Ryan and Co. This weekend, in enemy territory, they’ll have to flip the script

At 5-3, the Redskins are still a game ahead in the NFC East, but with the Eagles facing a favorable matchup against the Cowboys in Week 10, that lead can dissipate in seconds.

The Redskins must be the bearers of fate in Week 10, and against a Buccaneers with clear flaws, they can will themselves to a much-needed victory, gaining needed momentum to embark on a playoff run.

Of course, it’s far easier said than done. That’s why, this weekend, certain players must step up to ensure a Redskins victory. Those players number far more than five, but there are five who demand a particular kind of attention. Turn the page to find out who they are.

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